What is NoFax?

We just wanted to give you a quick and simple facility to remove your fax number from a fax promotion list.

If you've received a fax from one of our clients simply insert the code from the bottom of the fax, along with your the fax number, then click REMOVE and away you go.

This site is connected directly to our database so as soon as you click REMOVE, your number is gone from that advertiser's list.

Any company advertising by fax is obligated by law to give an "opt-out" facility of some description but some advertisers make you call a number or send a fax request. Then they will remove your number within 7 days.  We'd rather save you the time and trouble and remove your number INSTANTLY.

We hope other advertisers follow our lead so that someone no longer wishing to receive fax advertising doesn't have to jump through hoops to stop the faxing from that advertiser..

NOTE: you must enter a valid 10 digit fax number including area code

(e.g. 0212345678 not just 12345678)

We do not send to 1300 numbers nor 1800 numbers, nor do we send to overseas fax numbers.

The NoFax code must be a valid code appearing on the bottom of a fax you have received.


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