There are a number of ways that fax advertising companies acquire fax numbers to send to.

These include but are not restricted to:

Buying them from list brokers,

These companies sell all kinds of contact information to be used for direct mail, telemarketing and faxing. This is not the biggest source of fax numbers because these companies tend to be expensive. As the name implies, these companies do not own the information that are selling and offer any information that they can get their hands on. An example of this would be the list broker has an agreement with a car retailer where past customers of the car retailer are on sold.

Online directories.

Manny companies advertise on a number of on-line directories. There are companies, especially ones operating abroad taking this information out of these directories and then selling the information back into Australia. Generally these directories are not very accurate but in the case of faxing, the information does not have to be. If one is advertising on the internet a decision has to be made at to the value in including a fax number. If little or no response is received by fax and you would prefer not to receive fax advertising, don’t include your fax number.

Looking up Fax numbers on the web.

Fax numbers and other information can be collected from your website, or any other site it may appear on.

Automated Dialers

A practice not condoned by us, but sometimes used by some fax advertising companies, whereby fax servers are set up to call randomly made up numbers to find new active phone and fax numbers. If, while doing this, your fax number is called and your fax machine answers the call, then they now know it is a valid fax number.


Do Not Call Register.

In 2010, the DoNotCall legislation that applied to telemarketing calls, was extended to cover the fax advertising industry.

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