Fax by Email

Send and receive fax via email with FAXmonkey. Simple, easy and cost effective. FAXmonkey is a leading provider of fax by email service across Australia.

No paper, no fax machine, no telephone lines, just your computer or laptop and an email account. It is really that easy to send and receive a fax from your computer

The FAXmonkey service includes a free trial with start-up credits and your own fax number. No need for a credit card, authorisation or waiting.

Select your fax number on the map of Australia to signup and you can start sending and receiving professional faxes through the UTBox fax service today.

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UTBox Fax Email Offer

To send a fax, simply email the document to destination-number@fax.FAXmonkey.com.au (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) from your email and it will converted to fax by the FAXmonkey service and sent to the fax number you specified.

Faxes sent to your number are received into your virtual FAXmonkey fax and are then forwarded directly to your email address and can be printed, filed or deleted as an ordinary email.

More on Fax by Email Services

Get a local number

When you sign up with the FAXmonkey fax service, you can select a FAXmonkey fax number anywhere in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth as well as numbers from the Gold Coast, Penrith, Newcastle and Geelong. Anyone can then send a fax to this number, and it will get converted to an email and sent directly to your email address.

Fax Attachments

You can attach Microsoft Office documents, Adobe Acrobat PDF's, images, and even HTML. Just about any document you like.

Why Internet faxing?

Faxing over the Internet allows you to send and receive professional faxes in the most efficient and cost effective manner, direct to and from your computer. No fax machine, software or downloads required.

Get started

Most businesses, home offices and home users require a fax number. Businesses receive numerous faxes whereas home users may only receive faxes from time to time.

Whatever your needs, sending and receiving faxes via the Internet and your email is convenient, saves on telephone line requirements, fax machine paper, ink cartridges and maintenance, and avoids the restrictions of a single fixed line fax machine.

Signup with FAXmonkey and use the map of Australia to select your location and begin the registration process.

If you like the FAXmonkey fax solution but need more information on pricing, you can select the best price option to suit your needs and continue.

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